Why Detoxify?

circle-whydetoxifyWhy Detoxify?
Give your body a chance to rebound from day-to-day living! You know you could be making better choices out there, so a great way to start over and get back on track is with our Detox POP UP plan.
4 Week Detox Challenge
Summer is over and I’m ready to cleanse my body! How about you? Join us for 30 days of gorgeous delicious Detox POP UP meals delivered right to your door. Get ready for this life-changing experience!!
Why THIS Detox Plan?
There are hundreds of ways to do a detox. <> With our plan, you still get to EAT GREAT FOOD. Designed by a Bastyr University-trained nutritionist, our fun menus are organic and free of dairy, gluten, soy, corn, egg, grains and taste wonderful. We’ll also keep most nightshades out of this month of eating clean!

Our Detox Approach
Our philosophy is to build you up with nutrient dense food that is free of potential inflammatory allergens, and to make sure it’s so tasty you won’t be tempted to cheat. We cook with filtered water only, real sea salt organic coconut oil or EVOO, organic ingredients, no refined sugar. Our chefs are masters at cooking in this unique way! Our meals are truly delicious!

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